The Students Council is an organ for protection of the general interests of the educated students at the South-West University "Neofit Rilski".  It consists of representatives of the students and the doctoral students in the General Assembly of the higher school.  The mandate of the students and the doctoral students in the General Assembly and in the Students Council of the higher school is two years with the right to be elected for one mandate more. The Students Council elects among its members a chairman who organizes and manages its activity and represents it in front of the organs for managing of the higher school, the basic and servicing units.

The Students Council has the right:

  • To organize the election of its representatives in the managing organs of the higher school as well as in the board of trustees;
  • To make proposals for the implementation of additional study disciplines;
  • To make proposals for invitation of guest lecturers;
  • To organize the creation of students specialized communities and the publishing of their works;
  • When necessary to create and manage own organizational units;
  • To establish own and foreign educational, cultural and post-diploma contacts between the students;
  • To express opinions and make proposals for the development of the sport activity in the higher school;
  • To take part in the management of the students hostels;
  • To take part in the organization of the study process;
  • To take part with own representatives in the monitoring of the internal system for evaluation and maintenance the quality of education and of the academic staff in the higher school as well as in the development of the problems with investigation of the opinion of the students.

Chairman of the Students Council

tel:   073 588 526

Halls 103 and 114а Building No. 1

Last modified: 2021-05-11